Aluminum And Copper Gutters

Gutters are designed to protect your home or business from costly water damage. Properly installed gutters redirect water away from your home to avoid:

  • damage to siding
  • moisture in your basement – damp walls, mold and floods
  • flooding on your sidewalks and driveway

Today gutters can also add beauty to your home, through the use of color, a choice of shapes and materials and the addition of accessories.

At Pries Supply Company we offer a broad assortment of products to meet the unique needs of your home or business. Our selection of gutters will enable you to make a choice that is congruent with the architectural design of your structure and that reflects your personality

Aluminum Gutters
In the nearly half century since the invention of the seamless gutter machine, aluminum 'K' style gutters have grown to be nearly 80% of gutter installations. Our aluminum 'K' style gutters are available in 46 colors and both 5" and 6" sizes to meet the requirements of your home or business. 

'K' Style Gutters in 2 Brown and White Pries Color Chart001

LeafProof™ with leavesKeep your gutters free of leaves, needles and other debris with the addition of our LeafProof™ Gutter Protection System.







Copper Gutters


LeafProof Logo Copper LeafProof™

Pries Supply Company offers multiple styles of Copper Gutters, and optionally, with our exclusive LeafProof™ System.

Check out our vast selection of accessories, including rain chains, corner scuppers and leader heads, for our Copper Gutters.


Half Round Gutters
Turquoise Half Round with Decorative Bracket Choose from a palette of thirteen colors or Copper for Half Round Gutters in both 6" and 8" diameter sizes. You can also select from a variety of ornamental brackets, and decorative accessories.

Half Round Color Palette